Commitment: tech and security



DLP assumes with its customers, the commitment to develop each offer within the highest quality standards, safety and high technology available. Thus, DLP is engaged in fully satisfying the needs of each and every one of its demands according to the latest market trends.

High Tech

DLP has devoted itself to the use of high technology by the inclusion of new constructing techniques and updated computer systems in engineering and administration.

Risk Prevention

During the construction of its works, DLP commits with its customers and employees in being responsible for the safety regulations. For such purposes, DLP counts with a Central Risk Prevention Department which supervises the works, its safety, and the compliance of the legal regulations. At the same time, a professional expert ensures that the risk prevention programs are properly handled for each work and that such procedures are fulfilled as agreed in a joint training with Mutual de Seguridad.

DLP has also devised a weekly visit and supervision of an external engineer consultant, who is in charge of giving a detailed report on the work.

By means of the constant risk prevention policies, DLP has managed to keep accident rates well below the average in the construction field.

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