Environment and Communities

We believe in environmental awareness and protection and as such, we are concerned with generating a link and shared-value between communities and environment where which we work in.

Environment Conservation

We evaluate and consider the impact our work has in the natural environment in which we work at all times. In the sites, we care for preserving and protecting the natural flora and fauna of the environment.

Debris and Residue Collection

We ensure the maintenance of debris and residue-free working space as it is detrimental to both, workers and the environment. We hire specialized companies that certify the collection and disposal of residues under compliance to regulations and authorized landfills.

Storage of Hazardous Material

We comply with all regulations and safety measures in order to store fuel and other hazardous materials. This is done in line with the norms and strict supervision and jurisdiction of the Risk Prevention Department, ensuring the appropriate storage of such materials as well as preventing any possible accident.


Recycling is another way to contribute to the conservation of the environment and DLP wishes to become an active agent in this matter. We are generating systems for paper and toner recycling in the central office by reusing them or collecting them for a foundation.

Relationship with the Community

We care for the neighbors in the places we work in, therefore, we mean to establish a good relationship with them. For such purposes we count with a special procedure in our quality ensuring system which explains and defines the steps involved in our work and shares them with the community.

Contribution to Society

Our interests lie beyond those of the Company. We are motivated by social action and helping others in need. Accordingly, for the past 25 years we have been working with Astoreca Foundation so as to deliver excellence in education to at-risk and vulnerable children, forming integral people in the intellectual, moral, spiritual, socio-emotional, and physical dimensions.

The foundation counts with three schools: San Joaquín de Renca, San José de Lampa, and San Juan de Lampa, which were built by DLP as a contribution to society and count with the support and participation of our directory’s founding members Pelayo Larraín and José Manuel Poblete.

We also collaborate with CChC Social Assistance Foundation, with the participation of one of our partners as director. We keep a close bond with Reconocer Foundation that aims at supporting retired workers, both in health and legal orientations. Our partner Pelayo Larraín has been president for the past five years and he has worked towards associating the foundation to CChC. On the other hand, partner José Antonio Poblete is the deputy president of the directive for the CChC Sports Corporation, Cordep.

Since our start, we have shown great sensitivity for the social dimension, offering donations and support to several foundations and homes. We annually cooperate with the Corporation Ayuda al Niño Enfermo Renal Mater and the Foundation María de la Luz Zañartu, which offers protections and care to children aged 4 to 18 years.

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