Edificio Ejército Bicentenario, construction of the Army Headquarters, reaches 95% progress in structural works.

November 2010. Almost 700 people are currently working in the new construction of the Army Headquarters, namely, Edificio Ejército Bicentenario (EEB), which belongs to the DLP-Ingevec consortium. At the present, EEB has reached a 95% progress in structural works and a 30% progress of the final work, thus, expecting its inauguration during 2011.

The new military complex, located in Santiago commune, will count with three new buildings; two four-storey high and one two-storey high. At the same time, it will count with an extensive ground area, offices for 1200 employees, 360 underground parking spaces and 20 more above ground, an auditory with capacity to hold 300 people, a chapel, multiple halls; dining halls and a kitchen.

The construction will have 52.000 square meters, out of which 31.500 will be new. Due to the work´s reinforced concrete, coated with polished stone and glass in its interior, it is possible to capture and control solar energy. This also makes the complex stand out for having incorporated the concept of energy efficiency and sustainability. Likewise, the work will count with a natural ventilation and insulation system.


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