“30 years of DLP due to you, take care of yourself!” Campaign starts

December 2010. Alongside DLP´s end of the year dinner, Pelayo Larraín, founding partner of the company, announced the beginning of the new campaign for risk prevention: “30 años de DLP gracias a ti ¡Cuídate!” (“30 years of DLP due to you, take care of yourself!”).

The main objective of this campaign is to promote self-care in all of the workers during their working hours, encouraging them to use every safety element the company offers them.

The campaign will last six months and it will also be reinforced by leading motorcycle racer, Carlo de Gavardo, who will visit every work with a motivational speech so as for the workers to raise awareness and assume a self-caring responsibility.

Theatrical plays, awards and courses will also be part of this campaign that not only seeks to maintain this year´s Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (CChC) four stars in safety regulations, but also seeks to improve such an acknowledgement.

This is how DLP assumes a commitment with its collaborators at the same time as it calls upon everyone´s responsibility to promote the proper use of the safety elements.

With more than 800 workers and their families, DLP celebrated its 30 years

December 2010. DLP celebrated its 30 years along with all of its collaborators with a big event in the Andes-Cordep Lo Espejo complex.

The more than 800 workers were accompanied by their families from all across the country who participated in the event, which included inflatable and carnival games for the children and food stands for everyone to celebrate DLP´s new anniversary.

During the day, everyone participated in sporting competitions such as futsal, entertaining games and shows for the children. Likewise, a theatre play was presented and the actors pleasantly performed the atmosphere around the construction field of the works and the company´s anniversary.

The celebration ended with an acknowledgement to all the women at DLP, for their constant job in every work as well as in the office. Additionally, collaborators with more than 20 years working together with DLP were also recognized. At the same time, the winners of the tennis championship “Copa 30 años DLP” were given their awards.

Works for the new Los Andes Family Court start next January

December 2010. Due to the progress in the construction projects, next January 2011, the works for the new Los Andes Family Court will start; which will require an investment of nearly US$5 millions.

The land chosen by DLP is characterized by its strategic location in Santa Teresa (at the intersection with Manuel Rodriguez), the main street of Los Andes. The project responds to an open tender summoned by the Ministry of Justice to receive proposals for land, design, and construction of the new Family Court for this city.

Progress in the work for the new premises for San Francisco Javier de Puerto Montt School.

December 2010. The building will be three-storey high, and in some places four-storey high including a baseboard. The central closed hall will have a magnificent view as it faces the Pacific Ocean.

The works will have 20.000 square meters, in which the construction of a church, two chapels, a theater, a conference room and a dining hall for 600 people are included.

Regarding sports, the school will count with two gymnasiums, one heated swimming pool, as well as tennis and concrete courts. In addition, the school will use the latest trends in technology including; latest computer systems and advanced facilities for educational purposes such as interactive boards, among other technological materials as well as educative bulletin boards in the rooms. On top of that, the school will also count with an observatory and several scientific materials in different parts of the building.

The base infrastructure of the school, for a normal 2011 school year start, is expected to be finished during the first trimester of next year.

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