Apartment sale in Talca has now started

February 2011- During the second fortnight of February, Inmobiliaria Vida Nueva will put up for pre-sale 180 apartments that will soon be part of Edificio Nuevo Centro in the city of Talca.

The construction will be in charge of Constructora DLP and the work has been planned to start during the month of May. While the work is in progress, an approximate number of 300 people will be working in the construction of apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, the prices of such varying from UF950 to UF2.300. Edificio Nuevo Centro will be located in 2 Poniente street, between the streets of 1 Sur and 2 Sur.

Constructora DLP has a 50% share in Inmobiliaria Vida Nueva ands counts with the necessary experiencie in the construction of buildings of the sort.

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