DLP commemorated its 30 years with an amusing and emotional celebration

April 2011 - Among architects, engineers, partners of the consortium and DLP real estate Company, businessmen and family, more than 400 people attended Constructora DLP celebration of its 30-years-work in this country.

The commemoration was held at Casa Piedra, and it started with a video projection in which the 3 founding partners – Javier Darraïdou, Pelayo Larraín y José Manuel Poblete – gave an emotional account of their memories while working at DLP. The first works were remembered, every effort everyone did to get to know how the industry worked was recalled, and the contribution of those who were an important support in the initial stage of the company was also thanked for.

In the same video recording, the public got to know about the origins of DLP as a real estate company and its different consortiums in the constructing field, as well as its current committed participation in the Cámara Chilena de la Construcción.

The day was not only marked by yesterday’s memories and today’s challenges, but also with the guests’ laughter and amusement, who enjoyed the presentation of comedian Stefan Kramer and his more than 30 different characters.

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