Safety campaign, “30 years of DLP thanks to you, take care!”, ends in June

May 2011 – Safety campaign, “30 years of DLP thanks to you, take care!” ends next month. The company organized its more than 1.500 employees who are currently working in the different cities of the country.

This campaign is in charge of the Risk Prevention Department and it counts with the renowned rally driver, Carlo De Gavardo, who has shared his own experience as an active participant of a dangerous sport.  De Gavardo has promoted self-care and the prevention of potential fatal consequences.

Among the advices he has given the more than thousand employees, one of the most important ones has precisely been that of the methodology he himself has entitled “ADD”. This acronym stands for the words – “Antes” – before work, focusing on the -“Durante” – development of the activity, and to correct the possible mistakes afterwards – “Después”.

Other things have also been included in the campaign, such as training conferences that have been co-designed and implemented together with Mutual de Seguridad. Theatre plays are part of the campaign as well, which have been performed throughout the different cities in which DLP is currently working on new projects, like Santiago, Valparaíso, Quilpué, Limache, Tiltil, Talca, and Puerto Montt.

This iniciative has had a significant welcome among the employees, who have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude toward the training of self-care in their own lives.

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