DLP and “Fundación Astoreca” inaugurate works at San José de Lampa School.

June 2011 – Constructora DLP together with “Fundación Astoreca” celebrated the ending of the working activities at San José de Lampa School. This school is currently providing a scientific-humanist education for 840 boys and girls ranging from Kinder to 8th grade.

Having finished the work, this school, which is considered to be a school with academic excellence, is now ready to receive a total of 1.200 students. The new facility reaches a 7.525 meters square area, built in a 15.000 meters square esplanade. In order to receive this amount of students, they will be gradually incorporated into a new class each year. Therefore, over a period of four years, the institution will provide classes up to 4th grade (12th grade).

As the school attends students in full-day bases (Jornada Escolar Completa), the new building includes 31 rooms destined to be used as classrooms, arts and music halls, computing and multipurpose rooms, as well as specially-designed rooms to attend children who have special educational needs with psychologists and speech therapists. Moreover, two science laboratories and a dining room were built so that students and teachers can both learn and teach at the labs, and share their time during the lunch hour.

The inauguration of the work counted with the presence of the San José de Lampa School chairman, Pedro Tagle; the board president, María Teresa del Río; DLP´s founding partner, Pelayo Larraín; and Banco de Chile´s officials as well.

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