DLP-ENER constructing company complete the first electric power plant work generated from urban waste.

July 2011.- An innovative proposal that will help to decontaminate the city of Santiago will be inaugurated during the coming months. Such project is Central de Energía Eléctrica Loma Los Colorados II (Loma Los Colorados II Electric Power Plant), work in which renewable energy will be generated- for the first time in the country- using methane gas emanating from the landfill waste Loma Los Colorados, located near the village of Montenegro, commune of Tiltil, Región Metropolitana.

The total project involves an investment of US$40 million, and it is projected to benefit more than 70 thousand families in Santiago once in full-work electric power production. Just in Montenegro 500 people live, some of which have already began benefiting from the project after being hired for the construction of the actual works for DLP-ENER constructing company, a subsidiary company of DLP-ENER constructing company and one of the main contractors for this project.

DLP-ENER constructing company´s partner, Javier Darraïdou, explained that “Loma Los Colorados II will be composed of 28 generators of 1MW each, installed in two engine rooms plus a control room, in which all of the electric plant will be monitored: gas supply, engines, generators, transformers, electrical substation and power transmission line of 110kV and 20km long.”

The idea behind this work started in late 2009. By mid 2010, works for a first stage began, consisting of the implementation of two electric generators of 1MW and rated power each, connected to the local electric distributing system as small generation distributing means – Pequeño Medio de Generación Distribuido (PMGD)- which commercializes its production in the spot SIC market.

In the second phase, which will be shortly inaugurated, Loma Los Colorados II electric generation will have an initial power of about 10MW, which is projected to increase to 20MW by the end of the next year, and to 35MW by the end of 2025.

DLP-ENER constructing company´s partner, Javier Darraïdou, said that “our interest to take part in these kinds of works engages us in 100% with construction and energetic projects that contribute to deal with the increasing demand for sustainable energy in Chile. The generation of unconventional sustainable energies will be a valuable contribution to the decontamination of the city of Santiago.”

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