DLP Constructing Company finishes Audi Chile Terminal with the biggest show room in South America.

December 2011.- DLP Constructing Company announced the completion of the works for Audi Chile Terminal in Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana, which will have the biggest show room in South America.

This is a modern three-story building where the new offices for Audi Chile will be established, over a 8,200m² surface. It also considers the operation of all that it is required; sales and automobile services and storage for new cars, which will be situated in a 3,500m² underground.

For the construction of Audi Chile Terminal, DLP Constructing Company used imported materials – especially brought from Europe – such as porcelain, lightning, German drawbridge automated gates, and an innovative German coating consisting of perforated aluminum skin for the entire building façade.

Overall, Audi Chile invested approximately US$16 million.

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