DLP starts works for Casona de La Laguna in Chicureo

March 2012.- Chicureo was Sofia Jottar´s (renown caterer) chosen location to build the exclusive event center “Casona de La Laguna”. DLP Constructing Company will be in charge and responsible for such work, as its founder partner – Pelayo Larraín – says this will be a leading project in terms of first-class construction and environment.

The works, with a total investment of 135.000 UF, are being developed on a piece of land situated in front of “Laguna Piedra Roja” (Piedra Roja lagoon). The main highlight of this project is the architecture of the main hall – with 1,400m² and capacity for 700 people – where a big grapevine will be simulated, covered with ampelopsis creeper; a climbing shrub that will give its stamp depending on the seasons.

For the construction of this first-class building, DLP Constructing Company is using high quality materials, consisting of concrete walls and slabs, wooden pillars and a roof structure covered with plywood.

The building has two floors in a 4,065m² area, where the offices, cooling chambers, dining rooms, kitchens, lounge terrace and others will be distributed.

“Casona de La Laguna” will replace what Sofia Jottar has today in “Casona de Las Condes”, and it is expected to open its doors during the third quarter this year.

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