DLP Constructing Company works on real estate project in Patagonia Virgin

April 2012.- DLP Constructing Company is currently working in the construction of the residential area in Patagonia Virgin; a new real estate project located in Frutillar, Los Lagos region. This will allow its inhabitants to enjoy sporting activities in one place only and to access both; tourism and shopping.

The first stage – located in a 5,000 square meters lot – is being developed. At the same time, the construction of the major structural works for the five buildings of the project has already started; three-story buildings with undergrounds, with only five apartments per floor with dimensions ranging from 95 to 140 square meters which allow for the disposition of three to four dormitories, three bathrooms and a kitchenette.

The construction – with an approximate investment of UF180,000 net – is in charge of 160 workers who are using reinforced concrete, coated with a wooden partition, for the exterior, as is typically used in these areas of the south. The apartment’s living room will have wooden ceilings and some walls of the same material, whereas wallpaper will be used for the others.

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