Emblematic Army building is inaugurated

June 2012.- In the presence of the President, Sebastián Piñera; former president Ricardo Lagos; Commander in Chief for the Army, General Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba; ministers, invited officials and DLP partners – led by Javier Darraïdou , Juan Manuel Poblete, Beltrán Larrain and Julio Castillo – the Ejército Bicentenario (Bicentennial Army) building was recently inaugurated.

The building is located in a typical neighborhood from the area around Blanco Encalada Street and was constructed by DLP-Ingevec consortium, which was exclusively created for the construction of the new building for the Army Command Headquarters and to restore the Ex Arsenals of War national monument.

In this regard, DLP-Ingevec partner, Pelayo Larrain, said that “this project meant a very demanding work for all of us and a tremendous opportunity that, given its characteristics, will not be repeated. We succeeded in developing a transition from old to new, creating a harmonious whole with very high standards in what respects design and systems.”

The Ejército Bicentenario building is a vast work, of 56,000m². The new part of the construction uses 30,000m² as offices, meeting rooms and a heliport, among other facilities. The remaining 26,000m² correspond to the Ex Arsenals of War.

This project gains special significance due to the earthquake of the 27th of February 2010, as the works had begun a month before and therefore, had to be stopped as the experts reassessed all the damages and re-designed the reinforcements that needed to be done. Systems were created so as to anchor the old construction to the new ones, with very special, unique and rarely-used techniques.

“For the Ex Arsenals of War we dealt with the important challenge of adding 6,000m³ of reinforced concrete and 950,000kg of iron, all this for the sole purpose of complying with the execution planned since the beginning of the structural works”, added Pelayo Larrain.

Moreover, the work done in the columns and beams, brickwork, and in-floor bricks becomes significant too as it needed to keep the original appearance of the building.

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