DLP works in modern building for Indumotora

Santiago, July 2012.– DLP is developing a project with unconventional architecture located in the surrounding areas of Lampa. The project, with a modern style, will consist of several leaning elements and large glazed marquees, and shall have a total investment of UF491,000.

At present, the works are in the excavation phase so as to build the foundations of the building and anchor the structure to the land, as well as to bury and hide the facilities that will be ready in April of 2013.

The project is being carried out by 180 workers, who once finishing the excavation, will begin the second phase. The later consists of the construction of this industrial building for truck and bus sales for Indumotora.

The structure is mainly built with steel and reinforced concrete, as well as glazed facades and curtain walls. It will be located in an area of 94,000m² out of which 8,500m² will be built and 32,000m² will be destined for pavement.

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