DLP Constructing Company begins Works at Los Andes Shopping Center

Santiago, August 2012. – DLP Constructing Company begun works for the new Cencosud project outside the Metropolitan area (RM): Los Andes Shopping Center, where an Easy store and a Santa Isabel supermarket will be enabled.

This work, which involves an approximate investment of about US$6,200 million and which will generate employment for 200 people, is expected to be finished by the last quarter of this year. The project will have 11,000m² built for the interior and 14,500m² for asphalt parking lot with a capacity for 597 vehicles.

The development of Los Andes Shopping Center considers a first-class work and the use of different materials, such as Volcanita plasterboard, tiles, ceramics, asphalt, steel, insulation and aluminum panels, among others.

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