DLP finishes works for modern building under LEED criteria

Santiago, September 2012.- DLP finished all works of modern building project for Plaza Bellet, planned since its beginning, under sustainability criteria so as to achieve LEED standard certification. This work is located in Antonio Bellet, in Providencia, and consists of 18,229m² built, with fourteen free floors and five undergrounds with curtain wall.

During the eighteen months of the building project, each detail was worked on carefully so as to lessen the environmental impact. Consequently, debris was taken to authorized sites for recycling and more than 99% of recycled iron was used. Besides, certified paintings were used with low pollution levels, sanitary artifacts are all low-water consumption and by night, only half of the exterior lights are lit.

The building also counts with technological access control by means of a personal ID card. There is a parking lot for cyclists and bathrooms with showers specially designed for them.

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