DLP builds the first hanging building in Chile

Santiago, October 2012.- The first hanging building in Chile under DLP work is in the midst of the construction phase. Built to locate BCI Bank offices, it will be finished and inaugurated next year. This work brings about some unprecedented features such as the lack of pillars and columns so as to support slabs for 10 floors, and instead, it will be structurally supported by a system of cables.

Borja Huidobro and A4 Arquitectos office is the responsible for the innovative design and architecture for the building. For DLP´s member, Pelayo Larraín, “the greatest challenge was to create a careful construction system that would enable such a project, which is being constructed for the first time in Chile. For each detail, we innovated in some formulas, such as in the temporal elements needed for construction which will be later on removed and also, in compression systems for the structure.”

With an approximate investment of USD20 million, the building is located in Alcántara 99 and includes more than 22,600m².The first phase – excavation works – started during the second semester last year.

Moreover, the design incorporates 40 meters-high exterior columns with exposed concrete and an inclination of six degrees north, as well as metallic beams to be connected with the pillars on the top floor – where the cables run down so as to support the structure. Among other characteristics, these features make the work a unique building in our country.

More than 200 people work each month in this atypical design built with concrete, iron and formwork, which includes ten free floors, five undergrounds and a whole level for pump rooms and water tanks.

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