DLP beings foundation works for Santander bank

DLP began to work in the construction of foundations columns – 1.600mts in total – in a mass excavation that shall hold 70.000m³ in six underground floors. All of this will be part of the future construction of a building for Santander offices for their investment area.

Located in Avenida Isidora Goyenechea 2909 right next to Avenida El Bosque, the excavation will have between 23 and 25 meters deep and shall have a cost up to 47.000 UF. This work is mainly constituted by reinforced concrete columns that are attached and anchored to the ground at the same time as they are tighten to the ground with an extremely complex and modern machinery, all of this for the place to be excavated and ready for the next construction phase. The massive excavation and the anchoring of the columns will be ready in six months’ time.

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