Colegio San Francisco Javier and Duoc Palacio Cousiño stood out in the Architecture Biennale

Among 237 projects as of the last two years, Colegio San Francisco Javier and Duoc Palacio Cousiño, two important DLP works, were chosen alongside 24 other works in respect to their contribution to the national architectural debate.

The XVIII National Architecture Biennale 2012, entitled “Cities for Citizens”, which took place at Estación Mapocho, looked for projects which have transformed the city and that have been a real contribution to its citizens.

Colegio San Francisco Javier, built in Puerto Montt between 2009 and 2011, was thought and projected with the idea of restoring and maintaining a local construction technique and materials. The work is located in a 9 hectare area and has a total built surface of more than 27,000m².

Duoc Palacio Cousiño in Valparaíso was also referred to in the 2012 Biennale; 4,976m², built with reconstruction bricks, concrete structure and wood coating. It was inaugurated and opened during March 2011.

The Palace, which was declared a National Monument, has a cruise architectural design and was built for the 1880 Valparaíso plan to house the offices of the coal industrial companies.  Due to fires and earthquakes, the original construction only preserved the façade and the interior was completely empty. Today, with DLP´s intervention, the building combines public spaces for the city – with a technical training center for students related to the reconstruction area – with cuisine and tourism services.

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