Hino and Hyndai High Executives visited Indumotora

Santiago, March 2013.- Hino and Hyndai high executives visited the works for the new and modern Indumotora premises, located at km 19 of Panamericana Norte, in Lampa.

The building considers 8,500m² built for Indumotora car sales which includes more than 20 different brands, among which we find Japanese brand Hino that produces and commercializes low environmental impact trucks, as well as the Korean brand Hyndai, a well-known and respected brand in the car industry.

The project has been shaped under unconventional architecture standards with a modern style and constituted by several inclined elements and large glazed roof. It also includes metallic and reinforced concrete structures, glazed roofs and curtain walls.

The complete building and work is located in a 94,000m² area and implies a total investment of UF491,000.

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