DLP starts works for new industrial facilities

Santiago, May 2013.- DLP has recently started the construction works for the new Good Food industrial facilities, located in Peñaflor, which shall be used for the production and processing of food and spices.

The works pose the great challenge of starting the construction at the same time as designing it so as to work faster in the facilities required by Good Food, whose best known product line is Gourmet.

The project considers warehouses which shall be used for primer materials, for the production of liquids, powder,  spices and for delivery center as well. Moreover, other separate buildings are also considered in the project for laboratories, workshops, maintenance, replacement, and technical areas of the company. The project also incorporates the urbanization of the whole area destined for the works and the construction of office buildings, bathrooms and changing rooms, dining and training, and gymnasiums.

Of the 68,000m2 of the whole area, an approximate area of 25,000m2 will be constructed. Constructions works will probably finish during the second semester of 2014. Materials such as reinforced concrete and metalic coating will be used, and the works shall count with more than 200 workers.

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