DLP builds a new housing project

Santiago, June 2013.- DLP has just recently started the construction of a new housing Project, entitled Don Emiliano II.

Located in Emiliano Zapata 916, in the district of Recoleta, the housing complex project consists of five-story three buildings with a total of 100 apartments plus a parking slot.

The work shall be built in 5,742m² area, located in an area of 3,298m², and it will be constructed with reinforced concrete with metallic handrails, stairs and utility room closings.

More than 68 workers will be involved in this project and it shall be finished by the first semester next year. This project will complete Don Emiliano I, inaugurated in 2009, which includes a six building housing project and a total of 136 apartments.

For more than 15 years, DLP has been involved in these types of projects, being Los Recoletos work the first of them all in 1998.

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