DLP finishes the last stage at Edificios Fundadores – Alcántara & Embajada

Santiago, August 2013.- DLP finished working on the second stage at Edificios Fundadores – Alcántara & Embajada, located in Callao 3800, Las Condes. The work consists of a 21-storey building and 3 parking underground floors, with a total of 117 apartments.

Set in a 2,464m² area, the construction included 21,500m² built, mainly in reinforced concrete structures, Colombian stone, porcelain and slate exterior coatings, wooden floors, thermo panel windows and encrusted baseboards.  In the construction, solar panel technology was also included as a complement to the hot water system and all electric kitchen facilities.

This residential building contemplates green areas, a swimming pool, gym and multipurpose room, as well as panoramic elevators and dynamic east/west facades which incorporate the use of mobile strip screens so that the owners can adjust and regulate incoming light.

More than 320 workers were involved in the construction of this building which started in 2011, which is complemented with the first stage of another building with the same characteristics.

Fundadores - Alcántara & Embajada

Las Condes