DLP begins foundation reinforcement for Indumotora

Santiago, February 2014. – DLP has recently begun excavation works for more than 57 foundation piers, supported by a massive excavation of 63,000m³ approximately. This work was conceived for the future construction of a new building for Indumotora offices in Santiago.

The 25-meters’ deep excavation takes place at Las Condes 11,774 and counts with an estimate investment of 45,000 UF for the massive excavation and reinforcement stages.

The construction is mainly constituted by reinforced concrete columns/piers that are set into the natural plot. These piers are then fixed and tautened to the ground with the use of cutting-edge complex machinery so as to excavate the plot and leave it ready for construction. The office building conceived for this work incorporates 6 underground floors and 12 office floors.

Fundadores - Alcántara & Embajada

Las Condes