DLP in charge of the construction of the new Youtopia Club

Santiago, june 2014.- The new Youtopia Club shall be located in Mall Vivo, Los Trapenses in Lo Barnechea. With more than 80 workers, this construction will include a three-storey building in about 3,933m² which is expected to be ready by the beginning of 2015.

Under an outstanding quality of the facilities and finishing details, this construction considers the complete enabling of a sports center, including dressing rooms, a spa, swimming pools, therapy rooms, a gymnasium, directed activity rooms, spinning rooms, a hairdresser salon, a cafeteria and a store.

The work also includes a façade that fulfills both, functionality and design standards. Screen Panel – panels drilled by a computer machine as the ones used for GAM cultural center – will be used in one half of the façade, while Prodema – panels coated with wooden plates – will be used on the other half of the construction.

For Francisco Darraïdou, assistant director of the work, this construction has set a great challenge as he explained that “it is a very demanding client that is also seeking to position as one the best sports center in Chile to such an extent that they are bringing specialists from Spain at the same time as they are including state-of-the-art technologies brought from all over Europe for the swimming pools, spa and sauna facilities. Moreover, the sports equipment will be exclusive to this club as well as brand new in consideration of the latest development in such equipment.”

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