DLP builds new Alto Peñalolén Shopping Mall

Santiago, August 2014.- Alto Peñalolén Shopping Mall, in charge of DLP, considers the construction of a four-storey building and one underground floor for the parking lot. The shopping mall will be opened for public next year.

This project seeks to make the most out of the land’s natural characteristics as it also aims at creating new public spaces. Claudio Araya, work manager, adds: “as a strategy, we used the plot’s own topography by generating two levels of connection; one through Consistorial Avenue and the other access through the civic center located in a boulevard plaza, thus providing a public space for people”.

Located in Consistorial Avenue #2100, in the very center of Peñalolén’s civic area, the construction uses reinforced concrete, metallic structures and alucobond® coating. The finishing materials include plasterboard walls, paint coat, ceramic-tiled porcelain floors, polished concrete slab, and terrazzo flooring.

The shopping mall includes a supermarket, gym, pharmacy, medical center, several banks, restaurants and multiple shops.

Considering 2,000m² built and with an average of more than 200 people working in this project, it is expected for Alto Peñalolén to be opened to public by the end of 2015.

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