DLP offers scholarships for workers’ children

Santiago, March 2015.- With a ceremony held at the central office, DLP and the Social Foundation for Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (CChC), awarded our workers’ children with the Best Student Scholarship, as their parents had previously applied.

Worker from Polo Parque work, Héctor Soto, expressed his gratitude for the constant support from the company and the foundation: “this is an acknowledgment of our entire family’s efforts so that our son can become a better person and student. I am very happy to work in DLP.”

Moreover, Nicolás Maldonado, a student benefited by this scholarship, said he felt more motivated by the support he has received and that this award drives him to keep on studying hard and do better.

In this way, DLP reinforces its concern for the families committed with working in the company, as their wellbeing is a matter of priority for the strengthening of the organization.

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