DLP builds new residential building in Lo Barnechea

Santiago, May 2015.- Los Espinos will be the name of the new housing work DLP is working on, located in a residential neighborhood of La Dehesa, on the corner of El Espino and El Gabino, in Lo Barnechea.

The building will consist of two four-story towers, plus a floor terrace, which share two underground parking lots and warehouses. Los Espinos is having 62 apartments from 140 m2 to 230 m2, plus a swimming pool, multipurpose room, kids room, laundry service and dressing, in a total of 15,134 m2.

A peculiarity of the departments will be an open kitchen integrated to the living room. In addition, each of the 16 departments of the fourth floor will have a private terrace with barbecue.

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