DLP Works remodeling Coopeuch´s building in Santiago Center

Santiago, July 2015.- Right in the middle stage of the remodeling of Coopeuch´s building is DLP in Santiago Center.
The work is enabling a building of 9 floors of offices, plus a mezzanine and underground where Coopeuch´s corporate offices are going to be located. The project includes mostly terminations partitions, carpet flooring, decorative wood paneling, ceilings, electrical installations, climate and sanitary, plus the addition of an elevator.
The project, located at Agustinas 1141, has a total of 5,675 m2, where 22 workers are currently involved and is expected to reach a total of 120. The remodeling of the building began on June 25, 2015 and is expected to be completed on 22 December of the same year.

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