Foolproof Seismic building

Pelayo Larrain A.

DLP Partner

Santiago, November 2015.- Chile characterizes for being a very seismic country, and since February 2010 we have experienced three earthquakes and multiple tremors all over the nation.
This enormous amount of energy produced by the movement of tectonic plates moved to the surface and therefore to the buildings, of which we are responsible to maintain such a resistance that allows saving lives. This is required by the standards of our country, that since 27/F set new and stricter rules to provide even greater security for both design and construction.
The challenges today are designed to ensure that buildings do not collapse experiencing an earthquake of high intensity, but the rules do not necessarily require that buildings do not suffer structural damage or secondary structures. That makes a difference when we see some buildings with some damage and some not, despite being in nearby areas: calculation, quality and investments involved are factors determinations.
We have assured that although we are one of the most seismic countries, rarely a building collapses, and it is enough just looking at the experience of other places. In Chile we built in reinforced concrete and steel, in some cases, an energy sink is used to reduce the movement of the building and that it is sufficiently flexible and resilient at a time. There should be a rigorous study of soil, which determines a specific calculation about the system, size, shape and depth of the foundations.

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