Five buildings and a sports court will conform Albamar School

Santiago, December 2015.- In a full construction stage is now DLP building Albamar School in Concon. The new educational center includes five two-story buildings, parking lots, one multipurpose court, bleachers and an oratory.  The school will be located in a natural environment surrounded by three blocks of forest and only one block from the front of the building will be urbanized.

For the works administrator, Francisco Araneda, “the biggest challenge has been building on sand, because all the land where the educational center will be located are dunes. We are working on a total of almost 40,000 m2, where we will build more than 6,000 m2 that will add to outside works.”

This project offers many innovations in construction, materials and also techniques. The work highlights the oratory´s terminations with hardwood cladding, corridors between buildings and laminated structures covered with polycarbonate, metallic structures with epoxy paint characterized for having modern and high durability that protects wood from corrosion, in addition to building siding with veneers brick.

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