The welfare of a person is key to productivity

Santiago, 2015.- A recent study of JapiWorks consultancy reveals that workers feel more engaged and productive when they are happier, improving their performance by 30%.

The tendency to develop actions that contribute to the growth of people and the company is the one DLP worked on during 2015 with the program “I grow, DLP too”.

As part of a series of activities, the company surprised a group of colleagues with a day of treckking and outdoor dining at the Aguas de San Ramón Nature Park, held in conjunction with Pared Sur Expediciones, playfully enhancing teamwork, commitment and trust, as well as the importance of people.
The National Study of Happiness at Work also showed that 68% of respondents believe happiness at it work y very and that 59% feel happy when they are at work.
According to the UN, now is not enough to measure the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of countries to assess their level of development, but also the welfare and feelings of the people in their jobs.

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