Hannover new project will have innovative pools and barbecues on its rooftop

Santiago, March 2016. – In a new housing and offices project located in Plaza Egaña DLP in working on. Hannover HUB 1 Building is the first of a series of three buildings – two housing buildings and one offices building – of 14 floors and three undergrounds. This innovative building will have a rooftop with a large pool and trafficable terraces that will occupy 90% of the area where there will also be wide barbecues for all inhabitants to enjoy.

The construction manager, Alejandro Sepulveda said that this project “is located at a point where you can unite the city, home, work and leisure, all in one place”. Hannover HUB 1 will also have first floor departments with its own gardens, kitchens with extended furniture up to the living room, full porcelain tile flooring in 100% of the departments, a gourmet room on the first floor and LED lighting in all common areas.

The project is located in the northeastern sidewalk bordering Av. Ossa and Irarrázaval, next to Mall Plaza Egaña. The buildings will have access to the Metro and public transportation.

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