Nestle´s new industrial plant will be constructed at the Region of Maule

Santiago, April 2016.- DLP in consortium with Ingevec began on March 1st a new project in the seventh region of Maule. The work is the construction of a very large industrial plant for Nestlé´s Purina food processing, in the commune of Teno.This project, located in the middle of the rural sector of the region, will be a set of buildings made of reinforced concrete, precast and steel structures, which together mean a total of 31,500 m2, which will be added  to 49,000 m2 of concrete pavements and asphalt.The work´s administrator, Claudio Araya said that “there is a lot of interest from both the community and the local authorities for this project´s development , as it will bring a good amount of employment to an area that is mostly occupied by temporary workers, which at this time see a most difficult job”.Nestlé Purina industrial plant will be a great volumne and surfaces work with innovative assembly techniques .

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