Planning: The key to “build” trust

Santiago Saitua D.


Chile has made great progress in construction matters, either due to the materials we work with, the innovation we incorporate in each work, the way how to build and seismic systems, among others. This growth is because of to new technologies, machinery and challenges we constantly face in our country

However, there is a variable that is a point of ongoing discussions between customers and the construction company: the deadline compliance. This theme, not infrequently, means we become creditors of phrases like ” The builders never accomplish their delivery times”. So, it would be valid to ask ourselves. Why do we have this reputation and image? Who are the ones responsible? Where does the problem origins?

The enormous pressure of archiving the deadline we gave for an industrial plant, office buildings, schools, residential condominiums or whatever the work is, can be handled, managed and administrated with planning.

Today´s challenge is to ensure and guarantee that we accomplish our value proposal and promise. Responsibility, commitment and deadlines are three priorities axes in planning, to ensure an excellence service quality to our customers, allowing us to build trust based on transparent and close relationships.

The efficient and proactive teamwork, both coming from client and the construction company, helps to reach a real consensus and effective solutions in times of change. At this stage, it is essential that everyone takes responsibility.

Only with a clear and coordinated planning we can maintain trusted relationships between employees, suppliers and customers and get closer to our main goal of having sustained growth in all areas.

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