Good Food plant accomplishes security goal at the end of the work

Santiago, July 2016.- With 292 days in a row without accidents, DLP completed the industrial installations construction of the drying plant for Good Food Company.

The work´s administrator, Cristián Iribarren, said that “the main challenge from the beginning was the care of prevention and the safety risks of our workers and subcontractors, which today is reflected at the end of this work with no accidents in Talagante”.

According to the International Labour Organization, about 317 million people around the world are victims of occupational accidents, and more than 2 million die every year from accidents or illnesses.

In relation to construction, about 60.000 people are injured during work hours annually, this is why, in DLP risk prevention and safety culture is a fundamental pillar when working.

Day a day the company works so that the working conditions are safe. There are also trainings for eployees made with the Mutual de Seguridad at all working levels to create a safety culture inside the company.

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