Pedro de Valdivia building offers wide and modern offices

Santiago, August 2016.- With a work that has eleven floors coated with a concrete curtain wall, 80 offices from 30 to 50 mt2, three undergrounds with 87 parking lots and four commercial premises on the first floor, DLP completes the Pedro de Valdivia building construction.

DLP continues to develop ambitious office projects, and the company expects that the projection for 2017 is positive on this matter.

The work´s manager, José Manuel Poblete, says that this project “is an excellent opportunity for investors, whether private or institutional, as it offers modern and wide, comfortable offices”.

The new office building, Pedro de Valdivia, of more than 7.000 mt2, is located in the heart of the commune of Providencia, at the corner of Carlos Antúnez with Pedro de Valdivia streets.

Up to this date, there are around 340.000 mt2 of A+B class offices under construction in Santiago, of which 37% are in the sector of Providencia.

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