Nestlé industrial plant begins its second phase construction

Santiago, September 2016.- DLP expands Nestlé´s Purina pet food industrial plant construction, with the beginning of its second phase, based on buildings destined to administration and service area.

The project, located in the rural sector of Teno, in the Seventh Region, adds the construction of complementary buildings to the one for food production, where the laboratories, gatehouses, administrative area and water ponds are going to be located in a total of area of 31.500 m2.

Claudio Araya, the work´s administrator, said that “this second stage of the project includes additional details on the buildings internal terminations. As these new buildings are oriented to administration, the client has decided to improve its level of work terminations”.

This work brings great interest to the community and the local authorities, as it will bring a considerable share of employment to the area, which is now occupied mainly by seasonal workers.

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