With Juan Segura, DLP launches campaign to build a safety culture

Santiago, October 2016.- At the headquarters of the Chilean Construction Chamber (CCHC), and with the presence of the entire board, led by its president, Pelayo Larraín, DLP presented its safety campaign and began, with all its employees, building a safety culture.

This innovative campaign, which seeks to create a risk prevention culture across the company, is embodied in “Juan Segura, who lived many years”. He is a construction worker that has being working for more than 35 years in DLP, and his is noted for its ultra-safe and protective attitude with his teammates, and for using all the elements of Personal Protection when appropriate.

General Manager, Santiago Saitua, said that “with him, we started a new way to build a safety culture in which we are all actors and our own risk preventers”.

The launch of the campaign was led by the senior managers, and visitor managers, work administrators, heads of lands and preventers. During the event, the agreement of Competitive Company Program (PEC) was signed with the Mutual Security to control the causes of accidents and occupational diseases, and to improve risks management.

Finally, Santiago Saitua insisted that “we are all agents for this change and we have to get involved in this process in order to build a safety culture. In DLP our people come first, and their safety is crucial”.

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