PF has a new Distribution and Transport Center and a modern pizza plant

Santiago, December 2016.- DLP finalized a new and modern industrial plant composed by two independent buildings: a Distribution and Transportation Center (CDT) of 12.000 m2 and an 8.000 m2 pizza plant. The project carried out for Productos Fernández (PF) is located on the east side of Ruta 5 Sur, in the city of Talca, in an agricultural estate that is currently inside a residential area.

The work administrator, Manuel Peredo, said that this project “is an emblematic work for Talca and many people in the area want to work in that place for its greatness and stability, and the good references of the principal”.

This new stage adds to the previous buildings that were also built by DLP, with which completes more than 40.000 m2 of construction and 25.000 m2 of exterior pavements, spaces where there will be “a large flow of people, smaller vehicles and heavy products transportation that will be distributed throughout the country” said Manuel Peredo.

The industrial CDT and pizzas PF plant is an industrial work of high standards of construction both in its materiality and in its daily operation. Its thermal panels have the Factory Mutual certification and contribute to a possible LEED certification.

Finally, the administrator assured that “the autonomy of the plant is remarkable, and its backup systems allow its continuous operation throughout the year”.

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