DLP is working in sustainable construction

Santiagp, Apirl 2017.- One of the new projects DLP is working on is the Transoceanic Building (ETO), which promotes sustainable development with about 80% of energy savings given its location and sun protection.

This building, located in the commune of Vitacura, will have an active intelligent lighting system, air conditioning and automatic awnings, which reduce energy demand by 70% compared to a conventional construction. Its design with the form of a boomerang is environmental and made per its surrounding. It will have a location that privileges the view and minimizes exposure to the east and the west, ensuring well-lit work spaces that will provide warmth in winter and shade in summer, offering greater comfort to its users.

Rodrigo Lucero, ETO´s administrator, indicates that this construction will incorporate the environmental factor through LEED Gold Certification, with certified materials and low Volatile Organic Component (VOC) emissions. The building will have 48.666m2 that will count with a water mirror type lagoon and green ceilings in the slabs. “The challenge is not only a matter of structure, but of execution. Therefore, the commitment is to comply it in order, clean and friendly way with our environment and neighbors” said Rodrigo Lucero.

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