Homecenter Expansion in Ñuñoa

Santiago, July 2017. DLP is building a reinforced concrete structure made of metallic coatings for an underground and two levels in Homecenter located in the Ñuñoa area, near Avenida Américo Vespucio 925.
This project covers a total area of 24,922 m2 and includes exterior construction work of 3,206 m2 in pavements, destined for sales rooms and construction yard, by a first and second floor.
The construction work administrator, Luis Miguel Olivares, stressed that “the two floor structure is supported on 102 seismic insulators, located under the underground ceiling”. He also highlighted the relevance of these construction work for the surrounding community, since they will replace the facilities that were burnt down in 2014. These constructions will culminate in December of this year.

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