HUB III, office building with an innovative facade

Santiago. The third stage of Project Hannover, an office building located in the area around Plaza Egaña, La Reina, is already underway. Due to its strategic position, surrounded by residential buildings, HUB III will contribute greatly to the business development of the area by offering Work in Place.

The project, which consists of 13 stories and 3.5 underground floors, is contiguous to Avenida Ossa, Hannover street and Mall Plaza Egaña. There is also a public square between the HUB offices and HUB 2, a residential building currently under construction.

According to Jaime Ibar, construction manager of the project, HUB III is due to finish in July 2019, thus improving the business environment and architecture of the area. “A novelty of the building is that it has a curtain wall exterior. There is also a large architectonical beam in the shape of an arch in both the northern and southern façades,” Ibar explained.

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