Safety through magic

Santiago, 2017. DLP was the first company in Chile where the Safety Cooperative, from the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC), applied to the pilot program “The Magic in Labor”, which promotes in a playful way a preventive culture in the contruction employees.

There were several shows with magicians who in a fun and entertaining way promoted the importance of working with care and attention to avoid frequent critical risks in construction, such as cuts, falls, eye and ear injuries among others.

“Through humor it is much easier to understand the importance of our safety, to tie up and wear helmets, gloves and other elements of personal protection. But it also invites us to have a safer attitude and to take care of each other”, says Jorge Umaña, carpenter at Viña del Mar.

This activity is in addition to the security culture building campaign that DLP has been developing since October 2016, with its central character Juan Segura.

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