Theater that promotes prevention

Santiago, 2017. The commitment and the responsibility at the construction work were the central themes of the DLP theatre cycle organized together with the Chilean Chamber of the Construction´s (CChC) Social Foundation with the purpose to raise awareness to their employees on the importance of preventing accidents on the ground.

These activities are part of the training program on risk prevention carried out by the company, which seeks to reduce and end the accident at the work area. It seeks to encourage good habits and self-care in both tasks and personal life.

Studies on cognitive psychology indicate that through playful actions, such as theater, learning is enhanced and positive changes are generated in people’s actions. “In all my years of working in construction, this has been the best moment I’ve shared. A fun and excellent play that invites us to work with commitment, taking care of our lives “, says Juan Pinto, carpenter of the ETO II construction.

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