Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential aspect in our company, mainly focusing on people; our workers, clients and their environment. As an objective, we aim at contributing to a sustainable human development, by means of the company’s commitment and trust towards its employees and their families, as well as towards society so as to improve the social capital and quality of life within the community.
CSR in DLP goes beyond recommendations and guidelines from official laws and regulations, yet of course complying with them at all times.

Our Motivations

The CSR program is framed under our strategic projects. One of our main concerns is for work – either construction or administrative works – to be sustainable and that environmentally friendly.
We are driven by our workers’ safety, the development of our human capital, and excellence, all of which represent the fundamental principles of our daily work.
We aim to develop a sustainable growth, guided by diversification, competition and stability in our projects.

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