Social Dimension

Our social focus is based on the premise that people are our priority, hence, we seek to strengthen all capacities and potential in our collaborators and their safety and health.
We have created several programs to support personal and team growth, among which we find: “I Grow; so does DLP” and “Light Summer”.

Safety and Health at Work

In line with promoting a safe working environment, from the Risk Prevention Committee we analyze the weekly contingency in order to improve safety indicators at our works. This committee directly reports back to the directory of the company.

We are implementing new procedures and registers that comply with the System of Safety Management and Work Health (SGSST: Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo), so as to identify improvement points in the documentation and works.

Moreover, we developed the Competitive Company Program (PEC: Programa Empresa Competitiva) from Mutual de Seguridad in order to obtain a certification shortly. We communicate standards and information related to the area, and we publish the DLP Prevents monthly newsletter, which highlights the actions of the Safe Worker in accordance to safety regulations.

In relation to work health, we work with Mutual de Seguridad so as to carry out environmental evaluations at the work sites which enables us to verify the presence of polluting agents, avoiding exposure and disease-risk.  Furthermore, we offer yearly preventive medical examinations for cholesterol and glycaemia, auditory and ophthalmological check-ups, as well as vaccinations against influenza.


We believe in the permanent training of our workers, and in doing so we develop courses such as Work Training Program that works in conjunction with the Technological School for Construction (ETC: Escuela Tecnológica de Construcción) from CChC, which certifies workers by function competences.

We organize group workshops for leadership and change management so as to promote directive skills, agreement compliance, and commitment to high-quality standard work.
We are driven by the improvement of productivity and project management; therefore, we elaborate a diagnosis report for each project under execution as part of work planning.

At the same time, we added the Process Systematization Training Program for Work Management and Control, thus having a greater impact on our projects’ productivity.


Because we like to promote and motivate our workers, we are constantly renovating and creating benefit plans with associated agents to CChC. Each month, we acknowledge and award the Best Worker, strengthening good practices and teamwork. Likewise, we activated the granting of educational scholarships for our workers’ children, and we have generated awareness on self-care and preventive health measures via different campaigns.


We believe in family and as such, we offer our workers with the necessary orientation, support and guidance during critical moments or difficult situations. We work together with social assistants from the Social Foundation of CChC so as to aid and resolve work or personal issues that affect our workers’ productive capacity. Some examples:

Sports and Leisure

We regard physical activities and leisure time as a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of the person, at the same time as it also positively impacts on the working performance. Football and tennis are some of the sports which identify us in the search for bond-strengthening and teamwork. In this way, we participate in Cordep’s tournaments for football and tennis, and we organize internal tournaments for both sports too, as the ones for the “Light Summer” Program 2014.


The safety, stability and tranquility of the homes our workers live in are also essential aspects we consider. For such purposes, we support them with counseling and tools so that our workers access the benefits of social housing programs. We work together with the Social Foundation in CChC by orienting:

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