Who we are

With more than 30 years of experience and renowned projects in engineering, construction and real-estate across the country and Spain, Constructora DLP has been consolidated and is now one of the leading companies in the industry.

DLP has been developed together with civil engineers and founding partners; Javier Darraïdou Díaz, Pelayo Larrain Aspillaga and José Manuel Poblete Jara, with their partners José Antonio Poblete Jara, Julio Castillo Cortez and Beltrán Larrain Aspillaga, and more than 1200 employees and workers. Thus, DLP has stood out in the construction of high-storey buildings as well as condominium housing projects, industrial projects, infrastructure assembly works, luxury construction-line, and buildings used for the industrial, commercial, educational, health and service centers, as well as for the public and the private sectors.

Due to its reliability, DLP is currently engaged in works in association with construction and real-estate companies, together which it has formed consortiums to boost its capacities so as to respond to the requirements of important, national and international, customers.

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